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Patient of the month

All it takes to be VGO's Patient of the Month is being an awesome brusher, having no broken brackets and a little bit of luck. Make sure that you ask for a Patient of the Month entry form at your next visit to be entered! One person meeting the requirements will be picked at random each month and will receive a gift card!



Earning 'Braces Bucks"  throughout your treatment is easy! Simply keep your teeth clean, take care of your appliances and be proud to be part of the VG Ortho family!

Earn as many 'Braces Bucks' as you can and exchange them for gift cards to your favorite stores! To know which stores you can choose from, check out the VG Ortho info board the next time you're here.

We will keep track of these for you so when you feel like cashing them in,  just ask us how many are in your account.



Van Gemert Orthodontics Buddy Program

As a patient of VG Ortho, when you refer a friend to our office and they decide to start treatment with us,  you will receive a Visa gift card! To make it even easier for you to participate, pick up a referral card with your name on it at your next appointment and start encouraging your friends to Love Their Smile :)

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